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Thermal Therapy

Radiofrequency (Venefit) & Laser Treatment (EVLT) For Varicose Veins

Radiofrequency and laser treatments are considered to be the gold standard in treating bulging, rope-like, and painful varicose veins in the legs by many authorities. Venous reflux disease is often the underlying medical condition that causes varicose veins and symptoms of discomfort, like achiness and tiredness in the legs, leg swelling and restlessness. It is a progressive condition that can worsen significantly over time if left untreated. Upon consultation and an ultrasound exam to confirm whether and where venous reflux disease is present, we can develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

How Radiofrequency & Laser Treatments Work

At Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center, our board-certified vascular surgeons use radiofrequency (Venefit) or laser treatment (EVLT) to stop the malfunctioning veins from disrupting blood flow so your legs can look and feel better quickly. These procedures deliver heat energy to the target area via a tiny catheter or laser fiber inserted into the vein, using ultrasound guidance for visualization and precision. The heat causes collagen contraction within the vein wall, which forces the vein shut. The treated vein gets reabsorbed by the body over time, and blood flow that initially passed through this area naturally re-directs itself through the superficial venous system into healthier veins. Painful or uncomfortable symptoms start to subside rapidly, often within 1-2 days or less!

Because this treatment is only performed on superficial veins that do not carry significant amounts of blood flow, there is a reduced risk for any complications once the vein is sealed. In addition, sealing the affected vein dramatically improves the appearance of the varicose vein without negatively affecting major circulatory functions.

Our specialists perform the entire procedure right in our office, typically in less than an hour. They apply localized anesthetic to the treatment area and assure that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Patients tolerate radiofrequency and laser treatment very well. Most also return to their normal activities immediately. We have you back on your feet right after your procedure, doing the things you love!

Benefits of Thermal Therapy

  • Relief of painful symptoms in legs
  • Varicose veins vanish
  • Rapid recovery
  • No interruption to your daily routine
  • In-office treatment
  • No hospitalization
  • Most insurance plans cover treatment costs
  • Healing of ankle wounds (venous ulcers)
  • Improvement in skin discoloration, if any
  • Stops re-occurrence of venous ulcers on the legs

What Results Can You Expect?

Before and After Varicose Veins

Patients with mild to moderate venous reflux disease generally experience significant or total relief of leg pain within 1-2 days or less following a single treatment. In more severe cases, patients also get relief from a single treatment, but may require additional procedure(s) to thoroughly address symptoms and all signs of reflux within their superficial venous system. Each patient’s ultrasound scans will determine the extent and location of venous disease. Our specialists will use this to customize a treatment plan for optimal outcomes.

All patients can expect to return quickly to their daily schedules (the same day in many cases) following the procedure while experiencing little or no side effects. We even encourage you to walk and get moving right after your procedure to promote good blood flow. Slight bruising or tenderness may develop, which can be resolved with mild, non-aspirin pain relievers. Radiofrequency and laser treatment also improve the appearance of patients’ legs. Just as it took time for those varicose veins to develop, they will require some time to resolve themselves and will do so on their own over time. For more immediate cosmetic results, sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy may be combined with radiofrequency or laser treatment. Our providers will discuss your best options with you.

Treated veins require a single treatment. Once eliminated, they are reabsorbed by the body and do not re-occur. More extensive reflux may exist within other non-treated veins that may need to be addressed separately, resulting in additional procedure(s).

Getting Started

Upon consultation and diagnosis, we can provide you with a treatment plan and confirm health insurance benefits and costs. Contact us to learn more or schedule your consultation.


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