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Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy With ClariVein

Varicose veins can form in the legs, generally as a result of underlying venous reflux disease. The appearance of bulging, rope-like, heavy varicose veins is often accompanied by sensations of achiness, itching, restlessness and swelling in the lower extremities. Only proper treatment brings significant relief and improvement to this common medical condition in women and men that worsens over time. Upon consultation and diagnosis, Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center may recommend ClariVein treatment. ClariVein is an effective, non-surgical, injection therapy that closes refluxing vessels in the legs.

How Does ClariVein Work?

ClariVein technology uses a thin wire that upon insertion into the vein, can rotate rapidly at 360 degrees. A specially-formulated sclerosing medication is injected into the vein while the oscillating wire adequately coats the vein wall with medication for direct targeting of the problem area and fast absorption.

Due to these procedural advancements, much larger veins such as the saphenous vein (the most commonly affected vein in the superficial venous system) can be treated, whereas standard injection therapy is generally intended for blue-red, web-like spider veins. Patients’ legs feel better quickly with ongoing improvement in the appearance of varicose veins.

ClariVein is performed in our office under ultrasound guidance without need for localized anesthetic. The injection is similar to getting a blood test or flu/immunization shots. Discomfort, if any, is minor.

Benfits of ClariVein Treatment

  • No localized anesthetic
  • Varicose vein removal
  • In-office procedure
  • Quick, in-and-out treatment
  • No disruption to daily activities
  • Comfortable procedure
  • Little to no side effects, like bruising or scarring

What Results Can You Expect?

Most patients experience significant, rapid improvement in the physical symptoms of varicose veins, including discomfort, swelling/throbbing, and itching. Patients also note improvement in the appearance of varicose veins by reducing or eliminating them altogether as the medication settles in the system. Mild bruising at the site of the injection and short-term discomfort in the legs may occur but resolve quickly.

We encourage our patients to continue their daily routines without disruption. Intense exercise should be delayed for a few days to give the vein time to seal properly.  Our physicians may also recommend a brief compression stocking regimen after the procedure to promote good blood flow through the venous system and keep legs cool and comfortable.

People who have problems with clotting in their blood vessels or who are allergic to sclerosant medications such as sotradecol or polidocanol are not good candidates for the treatment. Your physician will determine which treatment options suit you best.

Getting Started

A consultation is the best way for us to determine whether ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy or other treatment options will work best for you. Contact us to see a Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center physician and get on your way to legs that look and feel great.

Please note that health insurance plans have been slow to adopt coverage for certain medical procedures, like ClariVein. This can mean out-of-pocket costs to you for treatment. Our staff can work with you to verify health insurance benefits. Note that most insurance plans already provide coverage for thermal therapies, such as radiofrequency and laser treatment (EVLT).

We also accept CareCredit financing.

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