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Sclerotharpy for Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy mini-injections can be used to treat common spider veins on the legs and some varicose veins. Spider veins can appear as thin, blue-red or purple veins on the skin’s surface and often in web-like patterns or clusters (also known as telangiectatic matting). Usually purely cosmetic in nature, these types of veins do not pose any serious medical threats. Our vein specialists use sclerotherapy injection-based therapy to resolve spider veins and improve leg appearance. This technique remains the gold standard in superficial vein care with high success rates among a wide variety of patients who want their legs to look as great as they feel. A series of mini-injections applied to individual veins or along the course of a series of veins can cause veins to seal and get re-absorbed by the body over time. Spider veins diminish rapidly and do not return in treated areas.

In some cases, spider veins can be precursors to more serious underlying venous disease. If you are experiencing symptoms such as discomfort or fatigue in your legs, swelling or restless legs, you may be at risk for varicose veins and venous reflux disease. Click here to learn more or schedule a consultation with our vein experts.

Regardless of the cosmetic or medical nature of your leg and vein concerns, Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center has you covered!

How it Works

We offer sclerotherapy as an in-office procedure that does not require any numbing or pre-treatment care. During this procedure, our vein specialist inserts a tiny needle (as used for acupuncture) into the vein and injects the veins with a special sclerosing agent that disrupts the vein wall lining and blood flow in the affected area. Over a short time, the vein closes, and the body naturally reabsorbs the sealed vein. The blood from the closed vein then routes itself to healthy functioning veins, which restores correct circulation. As blood flow begins coursing properly through the area, the appearance of spider veins on the skin’s surface diminishes. Early detection and treatment can help to prevent the development of additional spider veins in the target area and minimize any potential complications.

This treatment is intended for use on spider veins on the legs only and is not suitable for the face. Facial veins require laser or light (IPL) treatment. Click here for more information. We may also recommend a combination of sclerotherapy and laser treatment for best cosmetic results on an individual basis, which we can discuss upon consultation.

Sclerotherapy sessions can take 15-30 minutes, depending on the target area, and you will begin to see incremental improvement in 1-3 weeks following your treatment. Whatever your daily schedule looks like or special plans that you have coming up, sclerotherapy can fit your active life.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy Treatment

  • Spider vein removal
  • Fast results
  • Quick treatment- 30 minutes or less!
  • Done in the office
  • “Lunch time” procedure- you’re in and out!
  • No numbing
  • No interruption to daily activities

What Results Can You Expect?

Patients tolerate sclerotherapy very well and the post-treatment results deliver the desired cosmetic outcome. Spider veins vanish incrementally with each passing week, often within 1-3 weeks following each recommended session.

Depending on the extent of your vein condition, you may require one or more sclerotherapy sessions for any given target area on the legs, and the number of injections can vary per session as you gain gradual improvement. Additional sessions may be spaced 6-8 weeks apart to treat remaining veins. Patients resume normal activities immediately following treatment. We may recommend medically -prescribed support hose for you to wear for one or more weeks to assist in resolution of the veins.

Some mild bruising and pigmentation in the treated area may occur after sclerotherapy and subsides quickly. For patients who develop pigmentation, this almost always fades, and treatment regimens like light (IPL) treatment and specialized skin care products can assist the process, as needed – all offered at our center!

Getting Started

Are spider veins bothering you? Schedule a consultation or contact us with your questions! Health insurance plans do not cover non-medically necessary treatments. You may be subject to out-of-pocket costs for sclerotherapy for cosmetic spider veins. Our staff can assist you with questions about treatment costs. We also accept CareCredit financing.

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