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People these days devote an awful lot of time and effort to keeping trim and looking their best. However, especially as we age, healthy diet and even quite vigorous exercise have their limitations when it comes to trying to look and feel our very best. Even many truly avid exercise enthusiasts with exemplary diets still find themselves dealing with pockets of fat that simply won’t be dislodged. CoolSculpting is the first effective, entirely non-surgical alternative to liposuction for getting rid of unflattering pockets of fat, from that double chin you hate to those little bulges of fat on the side of your thighs that simply won’t go away.

While the process is getting a fair amount of publicity for its ability to remove fat without surgery, the technique itself involves some pretty interesting insights into how the human body works. Basically, CoolSculpting works because fat cells can become frozen at much higher temperatures than other body tissue. This means that it’s possible to freeze a fat cell to death without causing any harm to skin, bone, or (importantly) organ tissue. Indeed, there have been very few side effects of any kind associated with the process.

Of course, as with anything else medical, you still want to obtain a treatment like CoolSculpting where you’ll be treated by experienced and knowledgeable healthcare professionals who really know what they’re doing. Like any other procedure, where you get your CoolSculpting treatment can make a big difference. If you’re a Washington State area resident who’d like to find out more about this leading edge procedure can do for you, feel free to get in touch with us here at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center by phone or online. What we can do for you is pretty cool.