spider veins on foot

Spider veins are a common type of abnormal vein that becomes more prevalent as you age.  Although spider veins can be embarrassing, spider vein treatment is available.

Do I Have Spider Veins?

Spider veins typically appear on the face, chest, and legs. They are small and may be blue, purple or red in color. These veins are close to the skin’s surface, and they also tend to be twisted. In most cases, spider veins cause no discomfort. If you notice veins anywhere on your body that match this description, you may have spider veins.

What Spider Vein Treatment is Available?

If you are diagnosed with spider veins, effective spider vein treatment is available. Some of the most common types of treatment for spider veins include:

Laser Light Therapy

During laser light therapy, vein doctors use a specific wavelength of high-energy light to force the blood in spider veins to coagulate. This procedure causes little discomfort and can be performed in a doctor’s office. Several sessions may be necessary in order to achieve optimal results.


During this procedure, a vascular surgeon uses a thin needle to inject a special solution into spider veins. This solution irritates the walls of the vein, causing them to swell. Eventually, the vein collapses and fades from view. The number of injections per session may vary, and multiple sessions may be necessary in order to eliminate your spider veins completely.

Your First Appointment

If you think you may have spider veins and you are interested in exploring either of the treatment options above, call Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center to make an appointment. During your first appointment, a vein specialist will perform a physical examination and collect information about your medical history. If you are a candidate for vein treatment, your doctor will also recommend various treatment options at this time. If you decide to pursue spider vein treatment, you can schedule your treatment sessions before you leave the facility.