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Laser Light Treatment

Spider Vein Removal With Laser Light Treatment

Laser light treatment effectively removes spider veins from anywhere on the body, including the face and legs. Spider veins appear on the skin surface where improper blood flow causes veins to dilate and become more visible. Blue-red or purple in color, these veins generally pose a mere cosmetic nuisance and do not cause symptoms or have medical implications. Spider veins most often occur on the legs and ankles due to genetics and lifestyle, but can also develop on the face, arms and abdomen as tiny, thin veins or clusters of web-like veins (telangiectatic matting).

Our specialists perform non-surgical laser light treatment on many areas of the body, by applying heat energy to the skin surface to coagulate blood and seal veins shut. Patients see quick improvement in the treated areas after a single treatment and will notice additional results in the coming weeks. By offering laser light treatment as well as sclerotherapy for spider veins on the legs, we can treat all skin types, whether you have light, tanned or dark skin, anywhere that you want cosmetic improvement of spider veins. Upon consultation, we can determine the extent of your vein concerns and recommend a treatment plan that suits you best.

Some spider veins can be precursors to more serious underlying venous disease. If you experience leg fatigue, or achy, swollen or restless legs, or have a history of varicose veins, you may have venous reflux disease. Learn more here, or contact us for a consultation.

How it Works

Our vein experts use laser light treatment to deliver pulses of heat energy via specific wavelengths directly to the target area to coagulate blood and seal veins shut. A cooling mechanism built within these devices provides continuous cooling that keeps you comfortable and protects skin during treatment. Patients describe the procedure like a rubber-band snapping against your skin- you may feel a little heat, and right then you start to feel the cooling. In 30 minutes or less, you are done and on your way to the results you want! Cosmetic improvement in the appearance of veins is immediately noticeable and will continue to improve over time.

These procedures do not require pre-treatment care or numbing. Numbing is rarely used for spider vein treatment as this can cause surface veins to constrict, which prevents proper heat penetration and good outcomes. Continuous cooling throughout the treatment provides adequate comfort for you, and we do our very best to assure your maximum satisfaction.

We may recommend laser light treatment in conjunction with sclerotherapy treatment on an individual basis for leg vein patients. The built-in treatment area on these devices (also known as “spot size”) is ideal for targeting larger treatment areas where there may be vein clusters/matting. This also makes them great options for multiple aesthetic therapies, including laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and more! Ask us about our aesthetic treatments.

Benefits of Treatment

  • Spider vein removal
  • Fast results
  • Quick treatment- 30 minutes or less!
  • Done in the office
  • “Lunch time” procedure- you’re in and out!
  • No downtime
  • No numbing

What Results Can You Expect?

We can help you achieve immediate improvement after treatment in the appearance of spider veins on the legs, face, arms and abdomen. The extent of improvement after a single treatment varies, and all patients will notice improved cosmetic appearance over time. Depending on the desired result, we may  recommend more than one treatment session or a combination of treatment with sclerotherapy, as necessary. If you need more than one session, sessions are typically scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

There is no downtime with these therapies so you can resume normal activities right away. You may notice some flushing, mild heating, or light tingling in the area immediately following treatment, which will diminish shortly after. Make-up can be applied after treatment to reduce any residual redness. We also recommend that you use sunscreen to protect newly-treated skin from the sun’s rays during the course of treatment and upon conclusion to prevent darkening of the skin. Light treatment can also treat pigment on the legs and face.

Some patients experience a blanching and or darkening effect on treated spider veins due to blood coagulation. This will resolve quickly as the treated veins get reabsorbed by the body and blood flow corrects itself.

Getting Started

We can help you decide whether laser and light treatment is a good spider vein removal solution for you. Schedule your consultation or call us with questions today!

Health insurance plans do not cover expenses for non-medically necessary procedures. This can result in an out-of-pocket expense on a self-pay basis. Our staff can discuss treatment pricing with you upon consultation. We also accept CareCredit financing.

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