If you suffer from varicose veins, you may be tempted to ignore them. With the  Venefit procedure available at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center, there’s no need to put up with varicose veins any longer. Are you putting off vein treatment for one of the following mistaken reasons?

  1. Varicose veins are such a common health problem that many people see them as “normal” or “only cosmetic” and therefore minor. In fact, varicose veins, if left untreated can lead to CVI (chronic venous insufficiency), which can bring permanent skin changes and non-healing sores on the lower legs. The stakes for going without treatment can be very high, so you should seek treatment sooner rather than later
  2. Some people choose to ignore problem veins because they haven’t had any symptoms yet, other than visually noticing bulging or discolored varicose veins. Just because you haven’t yet had aching, painful legs or experienced swollen ankles does not mean that varicose veins are harmless. As mentioned above, they can develop into more serious circulatory problems if left untreated.
  3. Another reason that people may fail to seek treatment for vein problems is fear of painful treatments or surgery. If you are concerned about this, you will be happy to hear that the days of vein stripping surgery are all but gone. These days there are a variety of simple, minimally invasive, in-office medical treatments for varicose veins, including the Venefit procedure formerly known as VNUS Closure. Venefit requires only local anesthesia, which eliminates much of the risk, because many of the risks of any surgery are due to general anesthesia.
  4. Maybe you have just been too busy to seek treatment for vein disease. That’s not a good excuse either, because Venefit treatment takes less than one hour and requires little to no down time for recovery. With Venefit, you may not even have any bruising after the procedure. You will have no trouble walking out of the vein center after your Venefit treatment or one of the other minimally invasive treatment options offered by today’s vascular surgeons.
  5. You may be hesitating to get varicose vein treatment because you’re concerned about the cost. The fact is, it’s likely that your vein problems may be more than just cosmetic—and most insurance companies will provide some coverage if that is the case. (It is spider vein treatments that insurance companies often refuse to cover, because they may be merely cosmetic. It is possible for spider veins to cause symptoms, however. It is wise to get a check up at your local vein center if you suspect any type of vein disease.)

Don’t let these mistaken ideas about varicose vein treatment keep you from getting proper treatment from your local vein doctors. Learn more about the Venefit radio frequency (RF) procedure and your other options to destroy varicose veins. Contact   Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center in Gig Harbor today!