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Hand Veins

Hand Vein Treatment

Before and After of a Hand After it goes through a sclerotherapy

The appearance of one’s hands can be a tell-tale sign of aging. While our skin and face receive much of our attention, the hands often go neglected. As we grow older, skin elasticity decreases, and we lose fat tissue on the back of the hand. This causes veins on the hands to bulge and become more visible. Sun exposure can also impact skin elasticity and collagen breakdown over time. Just think about how much time we spend in our cars and where we have our hands while driving.

Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center offers sclerotherapy to treat bulging hand veins. Sclerotherapy injections remain the gold standard for treating superficial veins on the hands and legs as well, where small, bluish-red spider veins can also be a cosmetic nuisance. If spider veins are a concern, learn more about spider vein removal at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center.

If you are considering hand vein treatment, it is essential to first undergo a brief evaluation to ensure your hands have adequate drainage and can support treatment. Our vein experts can make this determination upon consultation and recommend a treatment plan for best results for hand veins.

How It Works

During sclerotherapy for hand veins, our specialists deliver a special sclerosing medication directly into the target veins via mini-injections with a superfine needle, similar to needles used for acupuncture. The medication disrupts the blood flow in the area and collapses the vein, re-directing blood into other veins within the superficial venous system. As the veins seal shut, the bulging appearance of veins improves and smooths out the skin surface on the hands. Patients notice hand veins start to diminish within 1-3 weeks after treatment with continued improvement over time.

We perform this procedure in our office within 15-20 minutes. Patients tolerate sclerotherapy treatment very well without any pre-treatment care or localized numbing and can resume normal activity immediately. Some individuals may require more than one treatment for the desired level of improvement of their hands veins. Our staff will review your treatment plan options with you upon consultation by our specialists.

Getting Started

If you would like to schedule a consultation or learn more about hand vein treatment, contact us today!

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