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Varicose vein treatment can help you reduce the appearance of bulging, twisted, purple or blue veins in your legs. Vascular surgeons at our Gig Harbor vein clinic perform a number of varicose vein treatment procedures that reduce the appearance and symptoms of varicose veins.


Vein Doctors Explain the Theory behind Varicose Vein Treatment

The focus of varicose vein treatment is to collapse these diseased veins. Surrounding tissue absorbs the collapsed vein. Your circulatory system reroutes blood through nearby veins.


There are many types of varicose vein treatment options available today.




Venefit uses the power of radiofrequency waves to cause irritation to varicose veins. Vascular surgeons perform the Venefit procedure by inserting a thin, flexible tube, known as a catheter, into the diseased vein. The vein doctors then send radiofrequency waves through the catheter to heat up collagen fibers, which cause the fibers to shrink. Vascular surgeons often use ultrasound to guide their instruments.

Venefit, previously known as VNUS Closure, requires only local anesthetic and takes an hour or less to complete. The Venefit procedures offers an excellent recovery time – if you are like most people, you will walk immediately after the procedure and resume your normal activities shortly thereafter. Venefit also produces less discomfort and bruising than some types of laser treatments.


Laser Ablation (EVLT)

Endovenous laser ablation (EVLT) uses targeted laser light to seal diseased veins shut. EVLT is minimally invasive. Vein doctors perform EVLT by delivering laser light through the catheter.

Like Venefit, EVLT takes less than an hour at your local vein clinic and has a quick recovery time.

Nonthermal Ablation

Nonthermal ablation is the newest and least invasive varicose vein treatment available today. Vascular surgeons use chemical energy, rather than heat energy produced by Venefit and EVLT, to close veins. Because it does not produce heat, this treatment for varicose veins does not require anesthesia so it is safe and comfortable.



Sclerotherapy uses chemicals to irritate and close varicose and spider veins. Vein surgeons use a needle to inject the chemical, known as a sclerosant, into the diseased vein. Sclerosants can be liquid or foam. Vein doctors may use ultrasound to place needles in the most effective position possible.

Sclerotherapy is not right for everyone. Only a vein specialist can determine which vein treatment is right for you. At Northwest Vein Center, we offer the safest, most effective varicose vein treatment options available.


If you suffer from vein problems and are wondering if varicose vein treatment is right for you, make an appointment with our Gig Harbor vein doctors.