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Body contouring has been a “buzz” word in the aesthetics industry for the past several years. In fact, body contouring is so popular that there are many different treatments and devices on the market that sculpt the body. Many patients are interested in reducing fat, but no longer want the downsides of surgical liposuction. CoolSculpting and AirSculpt are two of the more popular solutions for removing stubborn pockets of fat without surgery, discomfort and weeks of downtime and therefore compared to one another. There isn’t one that is better than the other and they are not competitors against each other, but rather, solutions to different problems based on the patient’s needs and wants. This might not make for great click bait, but we at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center really care more about being honest with our patients and helping them to select the best treatment individualized to meet their specific concerns. At Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center, we ensure that our patients are equipped with the knowledge of CoolSculpting and other body contouring options.

CoolSculpting is the best treatment on the market when it comes to completely non-invasive, permanent fat reduction. There are many other devices that have saturated the body contouring market, but that doesn’t mean they deliver the results in a safe and efficient way like CoolSculpting. It is fascinating to think that CoolSculpting was discovered by popsicles causing fat loss inside of the cheek! Popsicle panniculitis is the phenomenon that occurs when a cold (popsicle) sits for a long enough period that it causes fat loss. Magic happened and CoolSculpting was born! In 2009 CoolSculpting was cleared by the FDA for the permanent reduction of fat cells using cryolipolysis, a fancy word for freezing fat cells. The process of cryolipolysis involves freezing those fat cells at minus 11 degrees Celsius. These cells will then go through an apoptotic process where they shrivel and are damaged to the point that they are no longer able to regenerate. The dead cells are processed through the lymphatic system where they are finally eliminated through exhalation. CoolSculpting is FDA cleared to target nine body areas including the chin and jawline, upper arms, abdomen, back bra area, love handles, inner and outer thighs, banana roll which is located underneath the glutes and the distal knee which is located above the kneecap. Since 2009 there have been over 17 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide! With this technology we can expect to reduce 20-25% of the fat cells permanently per treatment, unlike other devices that may only temporarily reduce fat cells. After the treatment is performed, it typically takes around 12 weeks to see full results with results beginning to show around the 4–6-week mark. It is recommended for most patients to receive a minimum of two treatments that are approximately spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Since the CoolSculpting process is very gradual and gentle this means that there is very minimal downtime. We typically have patients that experience some tenderness and swelling for 5-7 days post treatment and numbness of the area lasting for two weeks. Many of our patients are treated on their lunch break and return right back to work afterwards! The benefit of being able to continue day-to-day activities with no downtime is of utmost importance to our patients.

AirSculpt is a minimally invasive liposuction technique that uses innovative technology to suction fat cells with little downtime. This technique is achieved by using a very small pin poke with a biopsy punch, smaller than the tip of a pencil eraser. The cannula is inserted and suctions the fat cells out while using friction and heat to gently remove the fat and tighten the skin. AirSculpt is an outpatient procedure that is performed while the patient is awake with local and/or oral sedation only. There is no need for any stitches, sutures or drains and the downtime is 24-48 hours, as opposed to traditional liposuction that takes several weeks for recovery. The fat cells are removed using friction that causes heat which is why the treatment is gentler and why it may help to tighten the skin due to the heat component. The fat cells are removed so gently that they are still viable for fat transfer to add volume to the breasts, hips, buttocks, face or back of the hands.

How exactly does CoolSculpting differ from AirSculpt? First, CoolSculpting is completely noninvasive. When it comes to body contouring, CoolSculpting stands out as a revolutionary leader in non-invasive fat reduction. Utilizing the scientifically backed method of cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting offers a safe and effective solution for those looking to refine their silhouette without the downtime associated with surgical procedures. Second, Unlike AirSculpt, which an invasive procedure requiring local anesthesia and potential downtime, CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared for treating nine different areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, and under the chin, providing a versatile option for a wide range of body sculpting needs. CoolSculpting’s precision in targeting fat cells is unmatched, as it freezes and eliminates them without harming the surrounding tissues. This process, over time, results in a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated areas. In fact, studies have shown that CoolSculpting can reduce fat layers by up to 25% after just one session. Third, the comfort and convenience of CoolSculpting also surpass that of AirSculpt. With CoolSculpting, clients can relax during the procedure, which typically lasts between 35 to 60 minutes, and immediately return to their daily activities post-treatment. The non-invasive nature of CoolSculpting means there are no incisions, no need for stitches, and no risk of scarring, which are considerations with AirSculpt. Choosing CoolSculpting also means opting for a treatment backed by extensive scientific research and successful outcomes. With over 100 scientific papers and millions of treatments performed worldwide, CoolSculpting’s efficacy is well-documented. The treatment’s ability to permanently eliminate fat cells ensures that once they are gone, they cannot return or relocate to other areas of the body, making it a long-term solution for fat reduction.

Navigating the realm of body sculpting procedures involves careful consideration of the nuances between CoolSculpting and AirSculpt. CoolSculpting, harnessing the power of non-invasive technology, targets stubborn fat pockets through a process of controlled freezing, gradually diminishing fat cells over time. This approach proves advantageous for individuals seeking subtle refinements with minimal disruption to their daily routines, making it particularly appealing for those with busy schedules or minimal fat to address. In contrast, AirSculpt offers a minimally invasive alternative, leveraging patented technology to gently remove fat cells with precision and finesse. While providing more immediate and noticeable results, AirSculpt minimizes downtime and discomfort compared to traditional liposuction, appealing to those desiring a swift transformation without extensive recovery periods. Ultimately, whether prioritizing gradual, subtle changes or opting for a more immediate, sculpted outcome, consulting with a knowledgeable professional is paramount in determining the most suitable approach tailored to one’s unique goals and lifestyle preferences.

Comparing the efficacy and results of CoolSculpting and AirSculpt reveals distinct yet impactful outcomes. CoolSculpting, known for its gradual fat reduction approach, typically yields noticeable results within a few months of treatment as the targeted fat cells naturally metabolize and diminish. While multiple sessions may be necessary for optimal results, many individuals experience long-lasting improvements with proper maintenance. Conversely, AirSculpt boasts more immediate and dramatic transformations, with visible fat reduction evident shortly after the procedure. The results from AirSculpt are often long-lasting, if individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle. Follow-up treatments may vary depending on individual goals and the targeted areas. Both procedures offer effective solutions for body contouring, providing individuals with options tailored to their desired pace of transformation and lifestyle preferences. Regular consultations with healthcare professionals can help ensure sustained results and address any additional concerns or goals.

As with any procedure, there are always risks and side effects to consider before deciding. The cons of CoolSculpting are minimal and rare, but like any treatment or procedure they do exist. The good news is that CoolSculpting has significant data and research since it has been around for over a decade and millions of treatments have been performed. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, also known as PH, is a rare adverse effect post-treatment. The data shows the prevalence of PH as 1 to 10 out of every 3,000 treatments (between 0.01-0.01%). PH happens when the fat cells become hardened and enlarged instead of shrinking and going away. CoolSculpting comes with a Cool Confidence program that covers the treatment of the rare side effect of PH with liposuction should it occur. The company behind CoolScuplting stands behind its treatment by coveringPH treatment with up to $7,500 per area affected. AirSculpt also has potential risks which may include bruising, swelling and the possibility of infection. Not everyone may have the best experience with AirSculpt, and some patients have complained of lumps, asymmetry or not seeing a significant reduction post-treatment. Also, the skin tightening benefits are minimal and therefore may only be seen on patients with mild skin laxity. If you have more significant skin laxity, then AirSculpt may not be the best option. The puncture to insert the cannula can result in a scar, but it is about the size of a freckle. The most prominent con of AirSculpt really comes down to the price! It is much more expensive than traditional liposuction and may not be affordable for some patients.

When considering the cost comparison between CoolSculpting and AirSculpt, it’s essential to understand the different price ranges and factors influencing the total expenses. CoolSculpting typically ranges from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars per treatment session, with the total cost depending on the number of areas treated and the desired outcome. Factors such as the clinic’s location, the expertise of the practitioner, and any additional services or packages offered can also affect the overall price. On the other hand, AirSculpt generally falls within a higher price range, starting from a few thousand dollars per treatment area. The increased cost of AirSculpt reflects its more immediate and precise fat removal capabilities, as well as the specialized technology and expertise involved. Additionally, factors such as the size and location of the treatment area, the amount of fat to be removed, and any customized treatment plans can contribute to the final cost. While both procedures offer effective solutions for body contouring, individuals should consider their budget and desired outcome when deciding which option best suits their needs.

Choosing the right procedure between CoolSculpting and AirSculpt depends on several factors, including individual goals, preferences, and medical considerations. Firstly, assessing the desired outcome is crucial. If gradual fat reduction over time aligns with one’s goals and lifestyle, CoolSculpting may be the preferred option. Conversely, for those seeking more immediate and precise results with minimal but some downtime, AirSculpt might be the better choice. Secondly, considering personal factors such as tolerance for discomfort, budget, and availability for follow-up appointments is essential. A thorough consultation with a qualified healthcare professional is invaluable in making an informed decision. During this consultation, the practitioner can evaluate one’s candidacy for each procedure, discuss realistic expectations, and tailor a treatment plan to meet individual needs. Additionally, the consultation provides an opportunity to address any concerns or questions, ensuring confidence in the chosen procedure and paving the way for a successful outcome. Ultimately, by weighing these factors and engaging in open communication with a trusted healthcare provider, individuals can confidently select the procedure best suited to achieve their desired results.

In conclusion, while both CoolSculpting and AirSculpt offer effective solutions for body contouring, CoolSculpting emerges as a standout choice for individuals seeking gradual yet impactful fat reduction with minimal downtime. Throughout this comparison, we’ve highlighted CoolSculpting’s non-invasive nature, gradual results, and convenience, making it an appealing option for those with busy lifestyles or a preference for subtle transformations. However, it’s essential to emphasize that the decision between CoolSculpting and AirSculpt should be based on individual goals, preferences, and medical considerations. Therefore, we strongly encourage anyone considering body sculpting procedures to schedule a complimentary consultation with our qualified CoolSculpting Specialist. During this consultation, you can discuss your specific goals, evaluate candidacy for each procedure, and receive personalized advice tailored to your unique needs. By partnering with a trusted healthcare professional, you can embark on your journey to a slimmer, more confident you with confidence and peace of mind.


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