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Spider veins can be unsightly, but they aren’t usually an indication of a serious medical condition or a venous insufficiency disease. Instead, they are often genetic, and run in families. They are also generally small, and seen on the legs or the face. When spider vein treatment is done early, the veins don’t have a chance to become larger or cause any discomfort. Because many people think their spider veins are unsightly, they want to get rid of them. Left alone, spider veins may also become larger, and even mild discomfort. To get the best spider vein treatment for your particular needs, talk to vein doctors and get information as to whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure you’re considering.

Vascular Surgeons Can Treat Vein Issues

Getting your vein issues treated can mean talking to a vascular surgeon to explore your options. The Venefit Procedure and the VNUS Closure procedure are just two of the options that are often used for people with vein problems. This may be the first step in spider treatment if underlying large veins are not functioning properly. For smaller spider vein issues, one of the best ways to treat spider veins is through sclerotherapy. It’s easy to use this particular treatment option, because it requires only small injections that are placed into the veins.

The medication injected is irritating to the vein lining. Over time, that lining irritation causes the vein to seal up and be reabsorbed by the body. The blood that would have gone through that vein is re-routed to other veins, so there’s no lack of blood flow from the loss of the vein or veins reabsorbed through the sclerotherapy procedure. Vascular surgeons can evaluate your veins in order to determine whether there are any other issues that also need addressed, or if you only need spider vein treatment.

Your Vein Clinic Offers You Spider Vein Treatment Options

Having options is important, and options are just what you’ll get when you go to a vein clinic. In addition to sclerotherapy, you may have other choices for your spider veins. If your vein doctors see any other concerns when examining your spider veins, they can let you know and make suggestions as to the best course of treatment. That way, you can get the treatment you need for any and all vein problems, so you don’t have to worry about them in the future.

When you get vein problems diagnosed and treated quickly, those problems don’t have time to become worse. Spider veins often don’t get much worse, but they can get worse. Rather than allowing that to take place, or ignoring them and hoping they won’t develop, it’s a much better choice to treat spider veins on the face or legs, giving you back the look and feel you want for your skin.